Voted Best Spa in Cherokee County Every Year!

There are numerous reasons why Afterglow Spa has been named one of the top spas in North Georgia year after year for over a decade. Our satisfied clientele may sing our praises because of our highly trained and caring staff. Or it could be our individualized services and treatments featuring unparalleled products. Perhaps it is our convenient location, affordable pricing and incomparable results. Most likely it is because of our promise of relaxing and rejuvenating indulgence, time after time.

At Afterglow Spa, every individual is treated with respect, in a private and serene environment. Our full-service spa routinely provides undeniable physical and psychological benefits to those who indulge. True relaxation is under-rated. But at Afterglow Spa it is experienced and enjoyed six days a week. For detailed information on the services offered see more information below.:



Skincare Treatments

Body Treatments


Nail Care

We offer a variety of massages for everyone We offer skin care treatments that rejuvenate Stimulate and rejuvenate your skins’s metabolism We offer a variety of waxing services  Conducted in a private & tranquil Spa Room
Licensed Massage Therapists Licensed Estheticians Licensed Therapists 6 visits Licensed Technicians
30- 90 minutes 30 – 60 minutes 60 – 90 minutes Per Visit 45 – 60 minutes

$45 – $105

$50 – $100

$65 – $90

$10 – $65

$10 – $55

Resurfacing Treatments



Spa Packages

Gift Cards

Improve the texture and appearance of the skin. Tone,lift and firm sagging facial muscles Enhance any service with these Escape for an hour or more and relax Give a gift that rejuvenates
Customized  Treatments Non-invasive proceedure Lip Therapy, Eye Therapy 5 to choose from Choose any amount
60 – 90 minutes varies in minutes Add-On to other services 2 – 5 hours Variety of designs

$45 – $85

$20 – $70

$15 – $68

$122 – $300



Collagen Induction Therapy
Non-invasive proceedure
45 minutes